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#1 Re: General Discussion » Hail again! » 2008-06-27 6:10 PM

Wanted to say hello myself.  Kinda crazy cause someone was asking if I knew Cariel and Syrel while playing Conan...That's my Game of the Month I guess.  I agree with T, it gets boring after a while.  I think I'll migrate back over to EQ2.  Life is going good though.  I get married late August.  Wonderful woman who will let me play MMO's even though she hates game.  She asked me to teach her how to play one.  I feel my freedom slipping...I'll probably take her through WOW because it will run on our laptops.  Anyways wave if you see me on A. Bayle server....Currently I roll with Kindred Spirits.

PS.  To this day, I always say Tal Kor was the best guild ever!

Rusher - Illusionist
Carpet - Brigand
Zume - Necromancer
Makros - Shadow Knight

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