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#1 2006-08-23 3:04 AM

From: DC
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Wow, hi everyone!  I, like Awein, randomly decided to browse back to the Tal Kor page and found, to my surprise, that it was up and running!  So of course I have to stop in and make myself at home again!

Well nothing really new with me.  Grinding 9 to 5 in the working world leaves little time for gaming.  I discovered that EQ reactivated my account back in May sometime so I played that for a while and decided once and for all that the magic is gone.  I'm too used to World of Warcraft's newer graphics, interface, loading times, etc... essentially the 2.0 feel of MMORPGs.

Currently, I reactivated my WoW account and also I bought Oblivion (for the 360) and have been trying to make time to play the two.  I haven't yet been back to EQ2 since I stopped playing about a month after release but have been tempted to visit again.

I'm glad that the board is back.  We all know that Tal Kor never really dies... its members just get caught up with the Real World (tm) sometimes ;)

-Tim / Rillen


#2 2006-08-24 12:48 AM

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Re: Hi!

Hi there stranger!    Good to hear from you!

I hear you on the Real World (tm).   I've been working a lot again and wish I could just say working 9-5.  I got a promotion a couple months back and that's brought some new added stress and responsibility but in general it's a good thing :)  12+ hour days on a regular basis kinda suck though.

Eric (Sy) and I have been playing CoH again lately when we can.  We never did try WoW.  I couldn't get past the long elf ears.  We did actually play in EQ2 a while and actually have characters there that got up to level 56ish on the Freeport side.  Haven't played that since probably around Christmas when they had a few holiday things going on.  Accounts finally deactivated about a month ago since we weren't playing.

That's really about it on our end.  Work work work, some play, all that grown-up kinda stuff.  And with that.  I'm getting my butt to bed.  I'm pooped.

Great to hear from you!

~ Cari/Caryn


#3 2006-10-31 7:01 PM

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Re: Hi!

hey der..


#4 2006-11-07 2:17 AM

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Re: Hi!

Wow.  There's a name I haven't seen in forever.


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