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We have returned.

With the resiliency of a chew toy, we have a new/site forum with which to communicate and keep in touch as we go about our individual lives in and outside of internet affiliation. While there may not be much by way of a formal or active clan-type structure bearing our seasoned eponym, there is, and will always exist, our rich history of friendship and it's coinciding scrapbook of memorable times past.

In 2006, we've switched up our web URL once again. Temporarily parting ways with the more recent, hyphenated address, I've reclaimed the original www.talkor.com domain previously stolen from us years ago by cyber-squatting sweathogs. In an effort to assist those who may have lost the scent, we will hopefully secure both domains in the near future, having them live harmoniously as one and directing visitors to this final destination.

The idea this time around is to keep it simple. Without exception. Many of us have known each other for quite a few years now. We grow older by the minute, and our once common interests now sit as varied as the weather. Still yet, the concept behind Tal Kor remains steadfast and unmoving. Life, friends, and video games. Shuffle and append to as deemed individually necessary.

It is time to come together again in conversation, I say. Give ourselves the priviledge of continuing to know each other, and not fade away. As time permits, let your hair down and settle in. Register, alert old friends, throw on those dress rehearsal rags, and let us know how you're holding up.

Hoping this reaches you all in good health-hugs and kisses abound,

Michael "Pilloch"


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