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#1 2008-05-25 3:40 PM

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Hail again!

Ah, back once again from the mists of ancient times when mastodons pranced across the tundra.  How are all y'all?

I have discovered the unparalleled joy of Age of Conan, and was wondering if any of my old Tal Kor mates have ventured into the lands of Hyboria?  I'd love to adventure with some old friends.



#2 2008-06-26 6:51 AM

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Re: Hail again!

I played it for a bit, even though it looks nice there is nothing really to do once you hit 50+ ... they did not put in enough quests so it becomes a grind fest. This I heard is going to change in time as they add more zones and quests but it was not enough to keep me there.

So I am still kicking around in EQ2 with friends and guildies, raiding here and there.



#3 2008-06-27 6:10 PM

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Re: Hail again!

Wanted to say hello myself.  Kinda crazy cause someone was asking if I knew Cariel and Syrel while playing Conan...That's my Game of the Month I guess.  I agree with T, it gets boring after a while.  I think I'll migrate back over to EQ2.  Life is going good though.  I get married late August.  Wonderful woman who will let me play MMO's even though she hates game.  She asked me to teach her how to play one.  I feel my freedom slipping...I'll probably take her through WOW because it will run on our laptops.  Anyways wave if you see me on A. Bayle server....Currently I roll with Kindred Spirits.

PS.  To this day, I always say Tal Kor was the best guild ever!

Rusher - Illusionist
Carpet - Brigand
Zume - Necromancer
Makros - Shadow Knight


#4 2008-07-07 2:07 PM

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Re: Hail again!

Hey there, Kar!  I played AoC in its beta, and never really got into it.  It never quite popped for me.  The combat system seems like it has promise, but I just found myself bored with the combat.

My favorite current MMO is still LotRO, with EQ2 close behind.  Though I'm in WoW more often these days, simply because that's where my friends are.


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